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Flexibility — People who travel by business aircraft do not have to alter their schedules to conform to those of commercial carriers. Consequently, they have the freedom to change course en route and leave and arrive according to their own schedules.

Privacy and Comfort — Conversations on business aircraft are confidential, and cabins can be configured to accommodate virtually any special needs of the passengers.


Reliability — Business aircraft are engineered and built to the highest standards, and companies that maintain their own aircraft have complete control of the readiness of their fleet.


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Buying aircraft is a huge investment in both time and money. Our helpful aircraft dealers and brokers will discuss the important questions you should consider before considering an aircraft purchase. 

This will help you develop your mission profile. Your profile will include the following consideration: Is this a corporate or personal purchase, what will the aircraft be used for, what is your budget, how many people will be travelling on a regular basis, which are your key destinations, how much storage/baggage will you need? And, of course, the crucial question as to regarding the various ownership options: aircraft ownership, charter or lease.


Texas Jets is committed to providing our customers with all available product knowledge. 

When searching for business jets for sale, not all brokers will provide the information up front. Texas Jets is different. All of our business jets for sale have their complete history available for viewing. Below are a few of the planes that are currently available, please click on the link to view the specifications for each 

Tyger Lucas



Fantastic company to do business with. My time is valuable. The broker at Texas Jets located the perfect plane for me, put the deal together and set up my financing. It does not get any better than this.


Spent months trying to sell my Gulfstream with no success. One call to the brokers at Texas Jets and within five days my bird had a brand new owner. First rate all the way.


Tyger knew all the right questions to ask me to find the perfect jet for me. Buying was easy and Texas Jets took care of all the required paperwork, licensing and inspections. Five Star!

texas jets


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